Service-Learning Virtual Expo

Showcasing student, faculty, and community collaborations through digital artifacts.

Explore the Digital Artifacts Page to view collaborations from the Spring 2024 Service-Learning semester.

What is the Virtual EXPO?

Managed by the Community-Engaged Teaching and Research team, this site hosts digital artifacts from each service-learning semester. Digital Artifacts showcase the collaborations happening between faculty members, community partners, Service-Learning (S-L) students, and S-L student leaders. These collaborations happen within the context of a service-learning course: a recognized form of experiential learning at Northeastern.

The Virtual EXPO is meant to provide a space so these collaborations can be documented and shared, even after the semester is over. Launched in 2018, we have seen how the Virtual EXPO provides an opportunity and encourages S-L students to reflect and share their experiences. Current Community Partners can view projects and engagement across their organization, while interested organizations can utilize the Virtual EXPO to envision possibilities!

Community-Engaged Teaching & Research

The Community-Engaged Teaching & Research team supports faculty in two ways. The first is through service-learning (S-L) courses, a form of experiential learning for students and a teaching tool for faculty that combines academics and service to meet educational and community goals. For S-L, students and faculty work with community organizations, nonprofit groups, and government agencies to reinforce and build upon concepts learned in the classroom. Secondly, we support faculty, community partners, and students who research issues related to service and community engagement or who pursue research questions identified by community members or organizations. The goal of supporting this research, which is often done in partnership with community residents or organizations, is to build and disseminate knowledge that advances scholarship and strengthens communities.

Service-Learning Courses

Service-Learning courses are one of the primary programs/work streams of the CETR team. We compile and share a lot of information for interested stakeholders on our CETR website but for service-learning courses specifically,

  • Students can search on the registrar’s website for upcoming courses utilizing the “with service learning” attribute.
  • Faculty Members can learn more about integrating a community-engaged component into their course.
  • Community Partners can access information for new collaborations or continuing current ones.

Featured Artifacts from Fall 2023!

  • Money Media Press kit
    Partner organization’s media advocacy strategy analysis (final presentation slides), Media analysis report , Journalist’s toolkit ,Letter to the editor, and Op-Ed for Money Magnets Money…
  • Social Change and Human Services Student Reflections
    This is a short presentation displaying meaningful quotes gathered from our students from one of their service-learning reflections. These quotes explain their experience, what they…